Rocky River Rec Center World Erg Challenge Standings

Provided by your friendly competitors the Free Spirits

The challenge has ended :(

0 Superheros

Nobody here.........yet!

1 Heros

Rower Name Meters Rowed Projected Meters
Esther Schrager 340,000 340,000

0 Members of the 200k meter club

Nobody here.........yet!

2 Members of the 100k meter club

Rower Name Meters Rowed Projected Meters
William Stross 177,000 177,000
Peter Sule 100,000 100,000

7 Members of the 50k meter club

Rower Name Meters Rowed Projected Meters
Bill Reilley 99,070 99,070
Karen Stross 84,002 84,002
Frank Gonzalez 80,481 80,481
Diana Marvar 71,906 71,906
Noreen Szuch 70,000 70,000
Al Troietto 64,000 64,000
Zeljko Ikic 63,589 63,589

Our position as a team

We have 24 registered rowers for the World Erg Challenge.
22 team members have rowed so far.
We have rowed 1,402,665 metres and are team 99 in the rankings.
We did not have a team in the competition last year.

Our average so far this season is 43,833 meters/day.

The team ahead of us is Team Everyday Rowing.
They have a lead of 6,974 metres.

The team behind of us is Lehigh University Master Rowers.
We have a lead of 67,619 metres.

Some (possibly) Interesting Stats

The mean distance for active rowers is 63,758 metres.
The median distance for active rowers is 41,000 metres.

Our top rower has rowed 24% of our total distance!
Our top 10 rowers have rowed 82% of our total distance!
Half of our metres have been rowed by the top 5 rowers.

Here is how the rowers in the team are distributed by distance rowed.Distance Distribution